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I remember watching a home decorating show and the host said that "A home should tell your story". That statement made an impact with me and I began to think...What is my Homes Story?
That show was 3 years ago and this  past fall I finally found what my story is. My story is who I am, I am a farm girl at heart with a touch of cottage and whimsy thrown in for good measure. Oh this light bulb moment didnt come without trial and error.. I visited show homes, bought magazines, pinterest( my addiction by the way) but nothing felt like home. It wasnt till I sat and looked at who I was inside and out that I realize " Time to dance to your own song"
My House is still in transition and ever changing becomeing my story,I ponder over ( my husband says I ponder way too much) each piece and accesories I buy or make, it  has to be something I feel touches on who I am and how I want my friends to feel when the come for a visit... HOME.. As things progress I will be sure to show the successes and the oops!
As you build your own home story I hope that you find  something here that will help you tell yours!

Home Story 06.16.2014
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summer lovin' 05.03.15
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Summer... Ahhhh... time for relaxing with a good book on the deck, the smell of sweet blooms in the air and a cold ice tea in your hand
I love Summer, I have wonderful memories or taking family vacation to the mountains and to British Columbia. Staying in quaint little cabins along the way. Making forts with my brother, which I then was no longer allowed to go in once they were finished LOL.
So Many Memories all so good!

Now that Im older ( notice I didn't say OLD)  Summer is a time for me to visit farmers markets and get outside to use my power tools, and paint.... you all know how much I love to piant. This is the time I take for myself to build the things I have been wanting and get my house and yard in top shape.
This is also the time I do a ton of sketcing, new ideas for quilting and building projects for the fall shows and sales. I will try and give you some sneak peaks along the way of whats in store. Speaking of store... make sure sure you stop by the shop, stock is always changing and new stuff arriving.
So I hope you take some time out of your busy schedules to ...... Make some memories, travel, do what you love and above all soak in the "summer lovin feeling"

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